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Mounted bugs in EAfnThirdPartyAudioConfig_GetConfigState to correctly return the time in addition to to manage the timestamp through the AMS as UTC When the MSB is ready.

Moved deal with prompting to just after splash monitor goes away or soon after Resource is loaded if no splash is out there.

Transformed conduct of add dialog these types of that even though the file is just not discovered, the gadget remains extra to your checklist.

Fastened a bug Together with the "relative considering the fact that previous event" time structure where some activities could possibly be claimed having a timestamp of forty nine days +

Fastened bug in GenFileXferPutBatch/GetBatch exactly where the basis route was not generally utilized as being the starting up reference.

Improved effectiveness of ethernet communications. Really should minimize stalls, and drastically strengthen text console and SIMPL Debugger overall performance and trustworthiness.

Set bug where by textual content console mode may be shed once the unit reboots though a text console is open and it is then closed after the reboot completes.

Additional mistake checking in ProductVerifyPResence so an error is returned if the interaction simply cannot even be setup. Current docs to replicate this.

Fix for SIMPL Debugger wherever reloading a improved system, all signals began tracing, not just what was just before.

For ThirdPartyAudioConfig ConsoleCommand method, validate the time code initial (ensure that it isn't 0xFFFFFFFF) and return an vacant timestamp string if invalid.

Mounted bug in capability group detection and mapping cache. Wasn't updating with new potential team class it so detected. Also resulted in memory leaks which happen to be now fastened also.

Preset a bug where modifications to cresnet or meshent IDs were not saved in the address. Released from the past Model.

Included extra task development functions for far better comments such as development for deleting personal files.

Included code to read more parse hex files for Adagio APADs and front panels. FileDisplayListGetInfo now functions for the people hex files.

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That is used for system restarts and also on Preliminary system detection if we see that a system is loading. Also handles cancels and in some cases if we don't receive a prompt back again.

Additional look for fields to USB connection sort dialog. First unit matching specified parameters will be connected to. Empty fields will match nearly anything.


Mounted sizing challenge. If initial phone to GetWindowSizes experienced min == max, then the sizing window fashion was removed but never additional.

Preset - When sending a method without IP desk entries, consumer could be requested to ship the default IP table.

CompactFlashGetUsage for 2Series - On account of cost-free command timeout on TPSG panels with 4GB CF altered timeout to 15s from 5s. Revealed to choose just in excess of 5s.

Added new crucial per segment: RunAsSingleTransaction. This starts a transaction to allow all deferred reboots to hold off till the end amongst other optimizations. See reference docs for full aspects.

Fastened bugs which might allow add button to become enabled when one or more checked gadgets are verifying.

This put in replaces the previous textual content console with a new much better Software. Workspaces saved with the outdated text console might be loaded without any textual content console Home windows. You will need to open new text console Home windows and re-save the check here workspace at the time to transform these workspaces to utilize the new textual content console.

Included popup notifications for several scenarios exactly where configurations on touch panels might be dropped throughout FW downgrade

For loading firmware, In case the file specified would not match the spec, AND practically nothing within it may be identified matching a spec, then question the consumer if they would like to load it as is. Employs new QueryAllowUnknownFileTypeLoad.

Preset buying of technique loads these that the program is often loaded In spite of everything other elements utilizing the processor are comprehensive.

FirmwareUpdate for TPMC - altered timeout for waiting for rebooting concept to 3min from 90s to accomodate more substantial updates.

Fixed bug in Network tree where by clearing an InfiNet(ex) id would trigger it to are unsuccessful additional operations right until refreshed.

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Set DNS management operation for newer CUZ Model which report static vs dynamic entries. This prompted failures with existing parse structure.

Assuming you might have three cresnet equipment with the exact ID. Plug in the primary 1, use Community System Tree to alter it. Plug in the following gadget, refresh the tree, you will note equally the right way. Aiming to alter the 2nd units ID will are unsuccessful.

Included XModem Interface call to flush receieve buffers. When an unidentified character arrives again as the start of a packet, we now flush the recieve buffers and the pipe and retry, this should help with recovery wehn sudden information will get into your stream.

Added strategy for USB ActiveSync gadgets which aid the pseudo-console interface (block manner console commands)

Produced cresnet learn to slave uploads more strong by looking forward to "XMODEM" then "C" for 2-sequence approach, or simply just many "C"s for console process (iLux). Also enforce ready and XmodemCancel if anything fails or is canceled early.

In FirmwareName parsing we now trim embedded hex people that will appear as if 0xFA/0xFB/0x01/0x02/0x03/0x04

Dependability fixes largely for DM Firmware hundreds but may well help in other places as well for oblique connections (like cresnet)

Correct for web page hundreds (including apple iphone tasks) where sibling folders could possibly be despatched in addition producing a prompt stating the job will not in good shape.

Set bug where by alterations aren't sent to the system Except you very first help save the project. Now we contact help you save to force a svae and job name ahead of sending.

Extra popup notifications for several conditions where by configurations on contact panels could possibly be misplaced during FW downgrade

ProgramGetInfo - When it fails, the prompt may very well be returned in the outputs on account of an interior connect with. Final results are actually cleared immediately after this internal get in touch with.

Fixed bug where "An Unsupported operation was attempted" concept box appeared at software load commence.

MeshnetMasterReportDevices for Subnetwork detection - Filter out everything at id 01 because it should not be referenced by that id in get audioflow any case. This could result in reference by TSID.

fixed crash and bug in TJI the place a extremely quick response may possibly come back in advance of we provide the transaction ID mapped and induce a crash. Also shielded against the crash at An additional stage.

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The ConsoleGetPrompt was triggereing recursive calls into your FollowProgramRestart when trying to Create the assistance map. Only try out to find the console pormpt when There's already a valid assist map.

Changed Sync phone calls to Async in DisplayList dialog to fix intermittent timeout mistakes from calls timing out in advance of having the ability to start.

Preset bug in File decompression code which could cause a file getting deleted on vector re-allocation and considering that we think it continues to be extracted we do not re-extract and it's gone.

Preset bug observed when loading straight from VTPro-E, the dialog may have gotten hung at "Initializing..."

Toolbox now checks some precise community conduct relating to identify resolution and adjusts which resolution protocol is utilised first, network DNS or Crestron Discovery.

CompactFlashGetUsage for 2Series - As a result of free of charge command timeout on TPSG panels with 4GB CF transformed timeout to 15s from 5s. Revealed to just take just more than 5s.

When naming addresses from the deal with ebook, do not get started People names with "tcp", "ssl", "usb" or "rs232" as these while they may do the job for immediate connections will likely not function effectively if Utilized in indirect connections.

Set important situation with SSL communications that will lead to intermittent drops and communication stalls.

For DisplayListGetInfo for TPSB sequence, make certain we are in "Exhibit" just before issueing the projinfo command. Was reporting "No job loaded" if the current Listing was not right.

Read through-only access to ethernet parameters on TPMC collection panels. Need to still be set by using Setup internet pages about the panel.

Preset bug in TJI which could send out multiple requests to exactly the same device devoid of more info looking forward to each to complete. This violates the TJI spec which states an new ask for will abort the current request staying procesed about the machine.

Fastened TPSB Display screen list load trouble. If CF presently experienced the newest manifest, it wouldn't be despatched to interior although there was no manifest there. Panel would reboot and erase interior, trying to duplicate the now incomplete task from CF.

Fixes to Toolbox to circumvent icons for equipment that aren't actually mounted (or which were uninstalled) from appearing.

If manifest needed to be sent to CF, was incorrectly flagged to TX to interior but was not deleted initial.

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Fixed bug when canceling transfers which occasionally would not get cleaned up effectively and lead to even further failures on subsequent operations.

Preset VptParse for hex quantities wherever it wouldn't adavance the goal string previous alpha chars while in the hex variety.

Fastened difficulty relevant to how ethernet products were shown in the network system tree when there were numerous CIP connections on just one IP ID.

Mounted several bugs connected with Untrue negatives when loading two-series firmware. Primarily for being more lenient on dropped connections once the file was despatched and increased timeouts.

Re-instated and fixed max venture size checking for TPSB technique of DisplayList team. Also look for CF and if current takes advantage of second max undertaking size if readily available. Allows for expanded challenge dimension if CF is present.

CompactFlashGetUsage for 2Series - Because of absolutely free command timeout on TPSG panels with 4GB CF adjusted timeout to 15s from 5s. Proven to consider just above 5s.

Fixed crash in subnet detection (reportcresnet) exactly where signal debug statements could come back ahead of the prompt and attempt to be parsed as cresnet product reviews which could crash the server. Extra rejection security added.

If replicate IDs were located, then additional sibling networks were not checked. This is nearly right, but really should be kid networks rather then sibling networks.

Correct for SIMPL Debugger where by reloading a changed software, all indicators began tracing, not just what was prior to.

Included car purge to disk of debug logs. Polls the moment a moment for no session activity, when this occurs it checks The existing memory allocated for logs and if higher compared to the limit specified (100MB at the moment) it dumps them to disk and frees all memory.

Added standard Loader detection and reporting for all equipment. A device in loader reveals It is Model as "XXXX(Loader)"

Set challenge with Text Console method the place ref counts weren't being used properly. Would end in lack of console method when close amongst various consoles to the same product.

DisplayListSend - Fastened bug which submitted to offer "File not discovered" error when the file was missing. Resulted in "No file need updating" information.

Bringing up the deal with ebook or address click here dialog in Toolbox is now fast following The very first time. This was having five seconds or so every time.

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